Voice Search- Is It Worthwhile?

Voice search on mobile phones or smart speakers is becoming increasingly popular, whether it be by saying ‘ok Google’, ‘hey Siri’, or ‘Alexa, Google’, the fact of the matter is that if you’re ignoring this upcoming trend, you’re going to lose out. Not convinced? We’ve gathered some of the most insightful stats on the industry for you!

Current Market

• 1 Billion voice searches per month, as of January 2018, per Alpine.Ai
• When conducting voice searches through phones are 3x more likely to be for local businesses (Search Engine Watch)
• 26-35 year olds have the highest owner rate of smart home devices (Walker Sands)
• Google Assistant is available to 400 million devices, per Google.
• Voice Search sales reached $1.8 billion in 2017, according to OC&C Strategy Consultants.
• Thus far, only 5% of consumers have used a smart speaker to purchase something.

Future Market Predictions

• Voice recognition market will be valued at $601 million by 2019, states Technavio.
• 39.3% of millenials will be using voice search assistants by 2019 (eMarketer).
• By 2022, voice commerce sales to reach $40 billion, according to OC&C Strategy Consultants.
• 50% of consumers to use voice search to shop by 2022 (Moffett Nathanson).

Having read these stats, this should clear up any scepticism on the growing popularity of this type of search as a means of both finding information and making purchases but how can you optimise your site and marketing to adapt to voice search queries?

What to do?

• Optimise location data.
• Use conversational, longtail keywords.
• Make FAQs more conversational.
• Fill out relevant information in Google MyBusiness.

It’s that simple! Of course, you could go into much more depth, and having a fully optimised site to begin with is definitely a prerequisite. Not sure if you have this, or want guidance in adapting your site to voice search commands? At Aspire Digital, we’d be thrilled to help you! Contact Us to discuss how you can get ahead of the competition by getting an early start on this trend!