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If you’re interested in learning about how AirBnB managed to achieve in 4 years what it took Hilton Hotels 93 years to achieve, we would recommend this article from the People Per Hour blog:

For those of you that don’t have the time to read the full article, here are the 5 ‘take-aways’ of how Airbnb mastered their digital marketing strategy:

1. They went for broke with a well-paying referral scheme
In the early days Airbnb took the bold approach of offering a $25 voucher for new stayer registrations and $75 for new property holder registrations once the referred person had completed their first booking. This led to the ideal situation where their users were promoting the website’s services for them.
2. Airbnb know that paid advertising… pays
Airbnb have gained much of their market share through paid search results (e.g. through Google Pay per Click and other similar programmes). They know, as all informed marketers and businesses should, that paid advertising is effective when based upon solid search behavioural research.
3. Airbnb know that the first and last word isn’t always through Google search results
Airbnb recognised that the hotel and room booking industry had another influential engine driving bookings and business, aside from Google, with this being the US classified advert website Craig’s List. So they not only began to post ads for their short-term housing listings, but additionally provided their self-posting users with the ability to easily share their listing on Craig’s List.
4. The latest rounds of Google Algorithm updates love the Airbnb website set up
5. Airbnb provide the essential ingredient for successful digital marketing: A product that people want 
Airbnb was launched as a genuine solution to an age old issue and at the time it truly was one of a kind, helping property owners connect to a world of potential renters and short stayers.
As a case study in how a company achieved rapid success in a short space of time using digital marketing you would find it difficult to find a better one.