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Content Marketing; the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable content to a defined audience. Sounds easy, right? In the words of Donald Trump; ‘wrong’. It’s the 21st century, people spot content marketing a mile away and skip right past it without batting an eyelid. Except, it seems, when it comes to videos. Is this the best way to improve your content marketing?
In recent months, social media platforms have really pushed videos as a means to communicate on their platforms. LinkedIn have introduced carousel videos, Facebook’s autoplay videos spike people’s interest instantly and Instagram have brought out Insta TV.
Google estimates 80% of onlife traffic will be video content by 2019; getting ahead of this trend can only but prove beneficial to companies, but what benefits do videos have for content marketing?
Improved SEO
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the act of optimising your content and website to help it show up in search rankings. Having meaningful videos on your website’s landing pages can mean a 53x higher chance to be on Google’s first page of search results (Forester). NOt only that, but this same study found that videos can reduce bounce rates and increase time spent on pages.
Higher Engagement
Videos are proven to lead to more engagement. In fact, a study estimates the engagement to be 33% higher when content marketing strategies included videos. This is due to the fact that content marketing in the form of videos is harder to spot by a consumer. Furthermore, if the video is of professional quality and has a storyline, consumers will enjoy it.
Brand Humanisation
With so many companies coming across as dull corporate types, it’s now more important than ever to appear human. Videos and visual content are an excellent content marketing way of giving a human element to the ads, through talking or seeing people interact, etc. By doing so, you make your company seem approachable, and thus attract more potential customers.
Brand Image
Content marketing seems all to similar these days; videos are a great way to be creative and tear away from the crowd. Take Guinness as an example; they consistently roll out appealing videos which aren’t blatantly another attempt at content marketing, but rather a story with characters and appealing imagery. This has elevated their brand to be recognisable around the country and further still, all through the power of video.
There are countless more benefits to be seen from the inclusion of videos in content marketing strategies, too many to list here! Needless to say, everyone growing their business should invest time and effort into them.
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