Aspire Digital

Horan Healthstore Online

Review of online advertising and build of a new Performance Max segmented campaign. 


To drive new online sales to compliment the very successful high street stores. 


2022 – 2023


299% increase in Online Sales

The new P-Max campaign generated year on year quarterly online revenue increases of 299% and reduced the CPA by 49%.


11.4 times return on Ad Spend

The ratio of advertising cost to the value of the online sales was 11.44 so for every €1 euro spent on advertising the campaign generated €11.44 in revenue.


60% of Online Sales from P-Max

According to the ISME review of the project with Horans Healthstore, 60% of the online revenue was generated from the Campaigns.

Now over 60% of our online sales are coming through the Google campaigns from locations where we have physical healthstore and we are targeting counties and towns where we didn’t have a high street presence. The expertise we have gained saves us money and it helped us establish international markets with sales now coming in now from the US, EU and beyond.