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Video Advertising on LinkedIn

With the numbers to prove it successful, LinkedIn recently decided to immerse itself in B2B video. As a marketer, the hardest task to accomplish is capturing the right audience. With B2B video, users now have the ability to create content that reaches audiences the right way. Videos are more enjoyable to watch over traditional ads […]

10 Great Headlines that Drive Website Traffic and Attract Readers

This article should really be called ’11 Great Articles …” because if you’re reading this then the headline of this article needs to be added to the 10 other headlines below. Credit for this article goes to Jeff Bullas and you can read his full article here. If, like most people, you don’t have the […]

How to set Goals for your Marketing Campaign

If you have dipped your toe into Marketing at any stage in your life there are certain phrases and acronyms that you will have come across. The three M’s, the four P’s as well as SWOTs and PESTEL’s. If you have set goals in anything you do (Marketing or otherwise) then you should have come across […]