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It’s no secret that Google dominate the online search industry, which is where most digital marketing takes place. As a result, we have to keep Google’s algorithms happy in order for our organic rankings to perform well. So what are the main things you shouldn’t do on your website?
Asides from the fact that clickbait pushes away customers, which should be reason enough to never do it, clickbait is punished by Google’s algorithms. They’re not the only ones; Facebook have similar measures in place to dissuade businesses from misleading people into clicking into their websites or ads. Elsewhere, if you clickbait on a Google Ad, you’ll end up paying more money on the campaign and having a less valuable visitor base.
Slow Loading Times
We can all agree that there’s nothing worse than trying to visit a website, only for it to load at a painstakingly slow pace. This holds true for your own website, so you should keep an eye on the load speeds of all the pages on it. Using tool such as Google PageSpeed Insights can help solve the problem. The underlying graph emphasises the necessity of fast-loading pages.

Broken & Poor Quality Links
Broken links are those that bring you to those infuriating ‘404 error’ pages, and, understandably, this reflects poorly to both Google and your website visitors. Meanwhile, poor quality links are deemed to be where you link content from another site on your own. Google’s algorithms determine the content you are linking to be poor, and if you continually do this, then the algorithm makes the assumption that the content on your own site must be of poor quality. This may not be the case, but that’s just how it is at the moment.
All this taken into consideration, added to the continuous updating of Google’s algorithms, and you get yourself the tricky task of optimising your website. Want a helping hand? We’re here for you! Contact Aspire Digital today!