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Video Advertising on LinkedIn

With the numbers to prove it successful, LinkedIn recently decided to immerse itself in B2B video. As a marketer, the hardest task to accomplish is capturing the right audience. With B2B video, users now have the ability to create content that reaches audiences the right way. Videos are more enjoyable to watch over traditional ads […]

How to use LinkedIn more effectively and avoid common mistakes

Even in 2016, some people still view LinkedIn as just an online CV that they can keep updated and direct people to as and when appropriate. The thing is, a lot has changed since the early days of LinkedIn and there is huge potential for those that utilise the network correctly and maintain a regular […]

5 Tips when using LinkedIn for Business

When LinkedIn hosted a meeting recently with small businesses in the U.S., it was with a view to gaining a better understanding as to how those businesses are managing to successfully utilise the social media platform to grow their brands. We reproduce below, five of the key highlights from this meeting which deliver some excellent […]