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The mobile app industry continues to grow at an impressive rate. According to a Statista report, the total revenue is projected to reach 188.8 billion USD by 2020. With mobile usage at its highest ever, the time is right to develop a new mobile app. Below are our top tips to keep in mind when creating a new mobile app.

1. Start with a strong idea. The first step to creating a successful app is to start with an idea that solves a real problem faced by users. Find a pain point or need that can be met by your app and the value you can deliver to the consumer. Along with the original idea, be sure to research competitors that may already be delivering a similar product and consider how you might compete.

2. Consider UX before UI. When it’s time to start planning the actual look and layout of the app, it can be easy to focus on the aesthetic look rather than the framework. First work out your UX (user experience) that will guide how your users will interact with the app and navigate through it. Only after ironing out those details should you move onto the aesthetics – UI (user interface). Remember that an app that looks good but is frustrating to use won’t retain users for long.

3. Take feedback. Before the launch of the app, get feedback from beta users and conduct UX reviews. It’s better to find pain points and iron out any issues before the official app store launch than lose users over problems that could’ve been caught earlier. Take all feedback into consideration and make any needed changes. Once again, your focus should be on creating a seamless user experience. If your users are noticing problems that affect their experience, they need to be addressed.

4. Continue to improve after launch. The work doesn’t end when your app hits the app store. Once your app is live, continue to monitor analytics and receive feedback to gain valuable insights into what you can do to further improve user experience and add value. Your original app may start fairly simple and small, but over time you may consider adding additional features that compliment what you already have to build a more robust product.
This is not an exhaustive list of things to consider when creating a new app, but hopefully these tips will get you started on the right track. Mobile app development can be overwhelming, but it is possible. If it all seems like too much, we at Aspire are here to help create the app of your dreams – contact us today!