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Let’s face it – we are all looking to promote our products amongst as wide an audience as possible. But we don’t all have the marketing budgets of Budweiser or McDonalds.
So what are the ways in which a company, particularly a start-up, can increase its exposure on a limited budget?
In this nice article for Social Media Week, Thomas Davis gives 10 suggestions for doing so on a tight budget.
We’ve listed the headlines for you here, if you don’t have time to read the full article:
1. Use contacts to enhance reach
2. Use images to increase shares and reach new people
3. Share stories from a customer perspective
4. Connect people to your cause – bring them on the journey
5. Keep it simple and shareable
6. Don’t be afraid to try new things and new tools
7. Ask for what you want
8. Leverage what’s happening now
9. Reach out to Bloggers
10. Build on previous great content – don’t reinvent the wheel
And, as a bonus tip, Thomas advises companies and brands to ‘Be authentic and enthusiastic’.
More detail on each point is contained in the full article but Aspire Digital appreciates how busy you are and may only have time to read the headlines.