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As everyone knows, if your website appears in the top 3 places in Google when people conduct a ‘search’ using specific key words you are likely to get lots of free traffic to your website.
But what is the secret to appearing in one of those coveted top 3 places in Google?
Credit for the content in this blog post goes to Ritika Puri from this article.
The ‘secret’ to SEO is that there is no secret at all.  It’s all just common sense.  Brands or companies that rank high on search engines provide great content, address their target audience’s search intent and optimize the design of their websites from a technology standpoint.
Here are 9 SEO ‘secrets’ that will lead your brand to
1. Stop Over-Thinking It – Focus on delivering the best possible user experience
2. Keep Your Content Fresh
3. Prioritise Usability – Make sure your website is easy to browse and is optimised for mobile.
4. Build Relationships – Not Links
5. Prioritise Long Tail Key Words
6. Use the right Key Words in the Right Places
7. Replace Key Word Research with Customer Research
8. Don’t ignore the small details
9. Become a ‘go-to’ resource by creating a dictionary
Further detail on each point may be found in the article referenced above.  At Aspire Digital, we just give you the bullet points because we know how busy you are.
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