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Now more than ever, the place to reach consumers is through their smartphones. Deloitte’s recent Mobile Consumer Survey showed valuable insights into Irish mobile behaviours and opinions. Their research found that 93% of Irish consumers own or can access a smartphone, and 98% of those smartphone users report utilising them daily. Another recent report from Statista projected mobile internet users in Ireland to reach 3.79 million in 2019. This makes mobile a crucial means for marketers to reach their target audience.

The Deloitte study highlighted several trends for mobile consumers that may surprise you.

Irish people are concerned about mobile addiction. With the increase is availability and ubiquity of mobile phones, there has also been an increase in the concern that perhaps we have become too reliant on them. In 2018, 56% of Irish users thought they used their phones too much. A key here is consumers like their phones and technology but want to feel that they can step away from them when they want.

Wearable tech is still popular – so long as it looks good. Wearables like fitness bands and smart watches have continued to grow in popularity over the last year, while bulky tech such as VR headsets have fallen away. Both the wearables themselves and the applications compatible with them are a growing market. Smart watch and fitness band owners in Ireland have increased to 11% and 21% respectively with the majority using them regularly. With wearables on the rise, the time to attract consumers is now.

Irish users are more willing to pay for content. Digital content services are abundant, and Irish consumers are willing to pay to access premium content. From TV and movie streaming services, to music, to newspapers, consumers see the value in their digital content. For example, 53% of Irish people have access to Netflix and 33% to Spotify. Gone are the days of consumers expecting free digital content. If they perceive value, they’re willing to pay.

Apps continue to grow in popularity. Mobile applications make up a major portion of mobile phone usage, and consumers consider the speed at which their mobile devices can accommodate these apps crucial. 81% believe the quality and coverage of their network to be very important. 4G networks are required for many apps, and consumers recognize the necessity of having high-speed data or Wi-Fi access. According to a Statista report, worldwide mobile app revenues are expected to reach 188.9 billion USD by 2020 and continue to grow from there.

Mobile applications and overall mobile internet usage continue to grow. It is imperative to consider the opportunities and impact of mobile for businesses. With Irish mobile internet users expected to surpass 4 million by 2022, there is no better time to build a mobile business presence in Ireland.

Read the full Deloitte report here:

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