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We all want to appear in one of those coveted first three places in Google when someone searches for that key word relating to what we sell.  Pound for Pound it’s the best source of traffic you can get because anything you can get for free is good value!
But there are rules to be obeyed when trying to rank at the top of Google and let us give you a loud warning – Do not get caught by Google breaking their rules.
One very tempting way to break these rules is by employing an external firm to get you a load of worthless backlinks to your site.  For those of you who are not aware of what a backlink is, it is when a website other than your own contains a link to a page on your website.  This link could be along the lines of “Here is a great article I found about (your website subject) on this website (a link to your website).”
Yes, backlinks of the genuine nature are viewed by Google as strong indicators of the value of your content, because other websites will typically only link to your website if you have content worth linking to.  But equally so, worthless backlinks, designed to con the Google Search algorithm, are viewed by Google as a scam, and woe be tide if they discover what you’re doing.  A worthless backlink could be a backlink on website that was purely built to be used as a way of fabricating backlinks.
If you’re in any doubt about what we are warning about here, have a read of this excellent article and find out what Google did to JC Penney in the US:

New York Times Exposes J.C. Penney Link Scheme That Causes Plummeting Rankings in Google

The penalties are severe.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!
As we note in all of our blog posts, it is our policy here at Aspire Digital to keep our blog posts as short as possible but to refer you to websites or articles which we believe are well worth reading.  This blog post follows in that tradition.