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Email marketing is, believe it or not, still a thing.

In fact, we’d argue it’s as popular as ever, if not even more. With the rise of content marketing, which essentially tries to trick people into believing that posts are informative or fun, but are in fact marketing pieces, people seem to have found respect for the direct approach of emails. Granted, they are blatantly marketing campaigns, but their honesty is the appeal. So how can you get in on the action successfully? We’ve compiled a list of what works best for us!

Know Who You’re Targeting

It’s all well and good to send a mass email to everyone on your database… Well, actually it isn’t, especially with GDPR looking over your every move. Anyways, this isn’t a great email marketing campaign; in fact, it’ll be viewed as annoying spam which will then taint the rest of your efforts. Defining small, specific clusters of people with similar traits and targeting them individually is our top tip. It increases interactions and shows the best results, so make sure to try it!

Make It Personal

Businessy emails have a time and a place, don’t get us wrong on that. But when targeting individual clients, adding a touch of personality to your email marketing can be the difference between opening the email or simply branding it as spam. It may take time and effort to manually input each and everyone’s names into the greeting, but if you do it, we think you’ll see better results. If it’s the a holiday season or something else noteworthy is going on in the world that is suitable to address, then do so; it gives the email a nice effect.

Be Clear

Nobody likes an email where, having read it, you’re still guessing what the overall purpose of the email is. If people have clicked into the actual email to begin with, that’s good; now get straight to the point and grab their attention by stating what it is you are marketing. Use short sentences and please, please use paragraphs.

Spell Check

This one may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t bother to spell check their emails. Do it however you want, whether it’s through Gmail’s inbuilt tool or by copying and pasting the email into Microsoft Word and using the spell check there, JUST DO IT!

Include Attachments

If sending an attachment, it’s really not that difficult to attach it into the actual email you’re sending. We’ve seen, on numerous occasions, people sending an email to say they’re going to send an attachment, only to send said attachment two minutes later. Don’t be one of these people; it looks unprofessional and serves no real purpose.
They’re all the tips we have on email marketing, and though most are common sense, they’re unfortunately not common practice. Stick to these and your email marketing campaign will go far!
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