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Facebook Ads; it’s hard enough as it is to use the platform, so why go complicating things by making two sets of ads? The answer; results. Facebook Split Testing allows you to see what your target market react well to and what your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are. Does it take time and effort? Yes, but it always pays off, as you get better insights into what your clientele wants, which then benefits the rest of the business.
What Facebook Split Testing Does
Facebook Split Testing offers many, many advantages to your marketing campaigns, including the following:

How To Do It?
There are two main ways you can go about this. The first method involves creating two (or more) sets of very similar ads; only a few minor changes separate the two. You launch the two at the same or different times, ensuring both spend the same amount of time live and during the same period.
The second option would be to create vastly differentiated ads. This is more for when you’re scoping out who your target audience should be, or trying to find a new niche. Typically, one Facebook Ad will work better than the other, and this determines the foundation for where you should start to focus your marketing on.
Here’s a general guideline to Facebook Ads Split Testing:

We’ve made it sound easier than it is; Facebook Ads are notoriously difficult due to the actual platform being so hard to comprehend. We’re only too happy to help customers with them, as it’s an aspect of digital marketing that certainly ads great value to the company, so reach out today!

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