How Social Media can be used to grow business

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August 12, 2016
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January 30, 2017
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How Social Media can be used to grow business


If you’re looking for a good Case Study of how a business used social media to deliver real results this article from the Irish Independent is worth a read.

If you don’t have time to read the full article we have highlighted the key ‘take-aways’ from this article which shows some simple things that any business can do now to build confidence and capacity with social media:

1. View social media as a key consumer touch point

2. Deliver engaging and shareable content

3. Understand where and how content is consumed on social media

4. Match your social approach with your brand and business goals

5. Be nimble and always on

6. Use social to listen to your customers

The last two paragraphs of the article are a quote from Edel Kinane, the marketing director of Just Eat Ireland, and are worth repeating here:

“We have the opportunity to listen to our consumers like never before and adapt our offerings appropriately. Brands need to use this knowledge to build profiles, based on the lifetime value of their customers and then target similar ‘lookalike audiences’ who replicate their best opportunities for conversion from social media.

Social media might seem alien to you right now, but if you start slowly, build your expertise and only introduce it to the parts of the business where it can support your strategy, then you will reap rewards. Build slowly, adding more activity and channels as the confidence of your organisation grows. Good luck!”

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