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Our friends at Social Media Week have written a nice article about the way in which you build trust with Google and they highlight all of the things you need to do, both on your own website and off-site.
Here is a link to the article:
If you’re too busy to read it, here are the key points:
1. Make sure your website has the following sections:
• Contact
• Privacy
• Terms & Conditions
2. Create quality content and update a blog regularly
3. Keep your Bounce Rate as low as possible by keeping the following in mind:
• Increase Site Speed
• Avoid Pop-up Ads
• Mobile Friendly Landing Pages
• Use Landing Page Creators
• High Quality Content
4. Add Public WHOIS data to your Website
5. Demonstrate your ‘social proof’ by showing your social media channels
6. Get links to your website, ideally from some of the following sites with large followings:
• Wikipedia
• Google News
• Big Websites – Huffington Post, BBC, NY Times
• Premium Press Releases
• Industry Blogs
Check out the following great offsite tools to help with this:
Cyfe – All in one business dashboard for monitoring analytics, links and social media – something that a lot of people struggle to cope with. Well laid out, comprehensive and easy to use Cyfe is a marketer’s all in one when it comes to metrics evaluation. – Excellent for monitoring links and also allows you to see anchor text ratios, linking domains and domain authority. It’s also free once you sign up and one of the most highly acclaimed SEO tools out there.
GetResponse – Builds great landing pages which reduce Bounce Rate.  Also includes a fantastic landing page creator.
HARO – Getting on the big websites can be hard if you don’t know where to begin. HARO is just that place. It is a journalist first place for help and offers great opportunities for those looking to find info and also those looking for promo opportunities.
Contact us here at Aspire Digital if you need help with any of the above.