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Great web design is a crucial part of securing customers; your website is usually the customer’s first interaction with you, and first impressions count! If you have an aesthetic web design, it increases engagement and entices the customer to navigate through your website. Safe to say, great web design is invaluable for securing clients and building your brand image.
How then, you ask, can you do this? Well, web design is personal, and there are no fixed guidelines as to what you should and shouldn’t do! However, there are a few trending aspects of web design which you could incorporate in your website, which we have outlined below!
Mobile Friendly
These days, everyone is on their phones; 67% of online searches came from phones in 2017. After working hard to make your site presentable on desktops, it would be a shame not to optimise your web design for mobile devices, seeing as most of your views are likely to come from there.
When a person views your site, you want them to have something to remember! Having a boring old web design where you simply scroll through pages is outdated, so how can you spice things up? Animations. We’ve all seen them, and even if they’re only tiny, they make a world of difference to the user experience.
When the internet and websites first became popular, symmetrical web design was all the rage, but now, not so much. Modern pages tend to be asymmetrical, edgy and somewhat random. It ads to the curiosity of the visitor, who’ll be intrigued to look around and see what surprises your web design has along the way. This is an excellent way of lengthening the viewing times of visitors and, if done intelligently, can even direct them towards where you sell your products/ services!
Steve Jobs dropped out of college and sat into typography and calligraphy courses, applied this to Apple when it was startup, and look where it is now. If that’s not good enough a reason, we really don’t know what is!
Flat web designs can be great, no doubt about that, but 2018 has seen a spike in adding dynamic gradients to website backgrounds. Whether they be loud and colourful or subtle and understated, many companies have added them to give websites more depth and feel. However, be careful not to overdo it and complicate things!
There are many more trends to discuss, but these are the most prominent ones that you should consider using. If you’re interested in doing this and would like professional guidance, why not reach out to Aspire Digital and see what we can do for you!

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