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Focus on your bottom line – this is why we do everything in Digital Marketing, right?! We want to impact positively on our bottom line. There may be competing goals as we work through our day but we should be constantly asking “how will this impact revenue?”
Have a good Content Management System (CMS) that gives you the flexibility to change and adapt your website easily. Conversion Rate Optimisation involves constant change, therefore before implementing it you must be in a position to use your CMS, or the whole process will get bogged down.
Be prepared red to invest – this is not a quick solution. By its nature, it evolves. It requires a lot of trial and error before you get things right. Therefore be prepared to invest both financially and your time.
Embrace change or you will go insane. Albert Einstein defined insanity “as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. If you want to improve your online performance you must embrace change. Do different things and look at the results. Drop those that do not work and focus on the actions that provided you with good results.
Optimise your Website and your search (SEO) before you start your Conversion Rate Optimisation. Otherwise, it is like pouring water into a sieve. Your website traffic will simply leave and not return.
Focus too narrowly on one thing – there are a lot of moving parts when you try to do Conversion Rate Optimisation. You need to look at Landing Pages, Calls To Action, the Customer Journey, User Experience, Analytics and a lot more besides. If you focus on just one area, you may be missing something obvious somewhere else. Everything is linked, so look at the complete path.
Just focus on new visitors – for the process to be effective, every conversion rate needs to be assessed, not just the ratio of website visitors to clients. You need to look at how existing clients interact with the website, or how returning visitors convert versus new visitors and how your business converts at each stage of the sales funnel.
Short cut testing – testing can be boring, so most people skip it or do as little as possible. However, there are golden nuggets of information that can be acquired by simple split testing. For effective testing, your website requires a good volume of traffic to generate meaningful results.
Ever stop – Conversion Rate Optimisation is an iterative process. It is never finished. Your Conversion Rates can always be improved. The best benchmark for a company to use is its own previous rate. If you converted 2% of visitors last month, aim for 2.5% this month!

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