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How Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Strategies Can Help You

First off, what is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)? CRO is essentially ensuring you direct website visitors towards a set goal you want them to do. This may be anything from reading your blog to buying your products. In other words, it’s the transformation of a simple visitor into a customer. So how can you optimise […]

3 Ways to Increase your Conversion Rates using Social Media

All marketers are looking to increase their conversion rates.  By ‘conversation rates’, we mean converting someone from being a prospect into a lead or from being a lead into a sale.  This is extremely important because you’ve done the hard part of identifying and engaging with the prospect or lead, so you don’t want to […]

How to Increase Your Conversion Rate With Social Media

Do you need to bump up your conversion rate? Have you put social media front and center to help you do that? The underlying power of increasing your conversion rate is targeting the right kind of traffic. Where does the right kind of traffic come from? It comes from social. In this article you’ll discover […]

Simple “Do’s and Don’ts” for Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Do Focus on your bottom line – this is why we do everything in Digital Marketing, right?! We want to impact positively on our bottom line. There may be competing goals as we work through our day but we should be constantly asking “how will this impact revenue?” Have a good Content Management System (CMS) […]

Convert your web traffic like the experts

Recent studies in the US have shown the average conversion rate of visitor to goal is generally accepted to be about 2.3% depending on industry. However, converting at 2-3 times that is possible if certain tactics are employed.