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First off, what is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)? CRO is essentially ensuring you direct website visitors towards a set goal you want them to do. This may be anything from reading your blog to buying your products. In other words, it’s the transformation of a simple visitor into a customer. So how can you optimise CRO?

Understanding CRO

The first step, naturally, is to understand exactly what it is your CRO goals are. You could, say, try to improve your best pages’ performances to be even more successful. Alternatively, you could aim to improve low performing pages or create new pages altogether. Once you understand your CRO strategy, steps need to be taken into place to put this into action.

CRO Research

To begin your CRO strategy, researching the performance of your pages is essential. This will allow you to see the current performances of each page and get an insight into the path customers take on your website. A great tool for this is Google Analytics. Using this and gathering information on the current site and customers will allow you to benchmark for the future goals you set from the CRO strategy.
When you spot a potential issue or way of improving your CRO, experimenting with solutions is a great way to identify what your visitors like and don’t like. Once you’ve made a change, record the reactions by looking at pageviews, bounce rates, average time spent on the page and so on. Eventually, you’ll find yourself a combination that works, which will now become part of your CRO strategy.
Monitor Results
Having optimised your website using the CRO strategy, you should start to see positive results in customers and revenue. However, this is not the time where you should step back and leave the site as is; CRO is something you should be doing constantly, as your visitors change and evolve to market trends and other factors. Continually monitoring results and adapting the site will ensure your CRO is consistent.
We know this is time consuming, but it really is the best way to do it. Don’t have the time to do it yourself? At Aspire Digital, we would be happy to help! Contact Us today to discuss how we can optimise your CRO to help grow your business!

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