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What do you do when you are searching for something online?  You type a word (or a few words) into the Google search box.  Based on the words you enter, Google will present you with what it believes are the most relevant Results or ‘links’ to website pages that address your needs.
The website pages that are presented on the first page of this Google Search have not got there by accident, nor is the order in which they appear an accident.  In order to optimise the user experience Google goes to great lengths to analyse the pages of every website in an attempt to present you with precisely what you are searching for.
As a business selling Cashmere Jumpers, for example, wouldn’t you like to appear at the top of page 1 of Google when someone searches Google for Cashmere Jumpers?  Think of how much free traffic you would get to your website if your site was the first thing a person saw when they searched for Cashmere Jumpers.
So, how does a company get to the top of the Search Results on Google for the Keywords that are most relevant to their business?  And even before you answer that, what exactly are the Keywords that people enter when looking for the products you have to offer?
In the realm of digital marketing, nothing is more important than Keyword research.  If you don’t sit down and work out precisely which Keywords your potential customers are typing into Google when they are looking for whatever it is you sell, well ……….. your competitors are doing it and they’re eating your lunch.
At a minimum, you should become intimately familiar with the Google Keyword Research tool but we would also recommend you check out other tools such as Wordtracker or Long Tail Pro.
Long Tail Keywords
When you are compiling a spreadsheet with your list of Keywords relevant to your website, don’t just limit your list to the most popular terms, such as Cashmere Jumpers.  Lots of companies are trying to rank on page one of Google for this term and hence it could take a long time for you to get there.  But, people are also searching Google for Large Navy Cashmere Jumpers and it’s a lot easier to rank for these longer Keywords, which are known as Long Tail Keywords.  You might get less traffic from these terms, but the traffic you will get is highly qualified and almost certainly ready to purchase.
It would then make sense to create pages on your website targeting those keywords by providing relevant information to online searchers about what they are looking for.
We highly recommend you putting some serious consideration into the target keywords for your website – this is an investment which will pay for itself many times over if done right.  With the free tool and resources available online, it is easy to get started on ways to use targeted keywords to get free qualified leads to your website’s pages.
At we have conducted Keyword research into almost every market over the past 4 years.  Please get in touch with us if you’d like us to help you identify the Keywords most likely to deliver high quality traffic to your website.