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Best Way To Improve Content Marketing

Content Marketing; the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable content to a defined audience. Sounds easy, right? In the words of Donald Trump; ‘wrong’. It’s the 21st century, people spot content marketing a mile away and skip right past it without batting an eyelid. Except, it seems, when it comes to videos. Is this the […]

What You Need To Know About The AMP Project

Let’s be honest, if the mobile site you’ve clicked on takes too long to load, you’re more likely to click off the site completely. Unfortunately, 75% of websites take 10 or more seconds to load, which makes it more likely for users to abandon those slow sites. Other factors that increase abandonment of a site […]

How To Beat Google’s Algorithms

It’s no secret that Google dominate the online search industry, which is where most digital marketing takes place. As a result, we have to keep Google’s algorithms happy in order for our organic rankings to perform well. So what are the main things you shouldn’t do on your website? Clickbait Asides from the fact that […]

Which Social Network works best for your business?

With the ever increasing number of social networking sites emerging online, it can be difficult to know which to invest your time and money into. It can also be hard to determine which of the sites offer features most beneficial to you and your business. Before making a choice, it’s best to assess a numbers […]

Top Tips on How to Utilise Social Media to Increase Your Visibility in Search

We would all love to increase our position in search and increase visibility when it comes to your listings in search results. Luckily enough, you can easily make an impact with the following tips and tools that I’ll cover in this article. Let’s talk SERP Firstly, let’s talk about your search engine results page typically […]

The Relationship Between Social Media and SEO.

There has been much debate on the topic of how social media impacts SEO and a sites position in Google’s rankings. Debates such as this produce the same types of questions – Do social media page ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ impact site ranking at all?

What are Keywords and why are they so important for online marketing?

What do you do when you are searching for something online?  You type a word (or a few words) into the Google search box.  Based on the words you enter, Google will present you with what it believes are the most relevant Results or ‘links’ to website pages that address your needs. The website pages […]

How to build trust with Google and rank well for your Key Words

Our friends at Social Media Week have written a nice article about the way in which you build trust with Google and they highlight all of the things you need to do, both on your own website and off-site. Here is a link to the article: If you’re too busy to read it, here are […]

9 Search Engine Optimisation secrets that will improve your Search Rank

As everyone knows, if your website appears in the top 3 places in Google when people conduct a ‘search’ using specific key words you are likely to get lots of free traffic to your website. But what is the secret to appearing in one of those coveted top 3 places in Google? Credit for the […]